Our company imports, markets, and distributes a wide variety of products from various industries and for a wide spectrum of brands.

All of our products pass stringent quality control tests and are thoroughly checked before distribution to the customers.

All of our products comply with international standards, as well as current Israeli standards.

Our products are characterized by their exceptional visual appeal, high quality, and a wide range of possibilities for display and shelf arrangements. We customize display stands and fixtures and the variety of products to fit each retailer and point of sale.

We manage and represent the brands that we distribute with utmost professionalism and expertise. We safeguard your brand’s value and pricing, ensure brand differentiation and high-visibility for your brand, and conduct focused training sessions and product demonstrations that are customized to fit the product and the customer.

The brands that we distribute can be found countrywide throughout Israel, at leading retail chains.

Our Product Line Includes:

  • Cellular Telephones, Tablets, and Computers (for institutional customers only)
  • Cellular Phone Accessories
  • Car Accessories
  • Batteries for Home, Professional, and Institutional Use
  • Lighting Products for Homes and Institutions
  • Optics – Eyeglasses and accessories
  • Food – Leading Imported European Brands